What is the Most Common Type of Electrician?

When it comes to electricians, the most common type is a residential electrician. They are responsible for installing, troubleshooting, maintaining and updating electrical systems in residential environments such as homes, apartments and condominiums. To become an official electrician, individuals must complete an apprentice program and pass an exam. This title implies that the person is licensed and can work without supervision. The highest possible electrician certification is a master electrician.

These people, including women, are eligible to work on more complex projects and can supervise official electricians. Maintenance electricians are responsible for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of large, critical electrical systems in plants and factories. They must also repair programmable logic functions in accordance with local and national codes. Low-voltage electricians work on systems that are no more than 49 volts. Their tasks are similar to those of residential and commercial electricians.

Residential electricians install, repair and maintain electrical systems in domestic environments. This includes air conditioning units, security systems, and appliances. Training as a home electrician involves internships and formal classroom instructions. Electricians can also be divided based on education. Those with a degree in electrical engineering are known as electrical engineers while those with a degree in electrical technology are known as electrical technicians.

Electricians perform a wide variety of tasks such as reading technical drawings of the electrical system, using different types of hand and electrical tools, solving problems to ensure that all components of an electrical system work perfectly. Industrial electricians work in giant power plants, chemical plants, manufacturing facilities, and other types of large scale buildings. They are responsible for installing, troubleshooting, maintaining and updating electrical systems in these environments.

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