What is the Best Type of Electrician to Become?

Becoming a Master Electrician is the highest level of electrical certification, with requirements that vary from state to state. To officially become a master electrician, one must first complete an internship and then pass an exam to obtain their license. The specifics of the test and other qualifications depend on the jurisdiction. Having a master electrician license means that the electrician can work without supervision and is qualified to perform electrical repair services. Whenever an electrical issue is discovered, it is important to call an electrician right away to avoid any potential safety hazards.

Even if a maintenance person or construction company suggests making changes to your home's wiring, it is best to consult an electrician first. These professionals are often hired to update the wiring of large appliances or install security systems in offices for the safety of staff and customers. Electricians are also hired by both residential owners and commercial business owners to help install lighting fixtures, electrical outlets, alarm systems, and other types of fixtures. To become an electrician, one must typically complete a four-year program.

Whether the building is an apartment, condominium, or house, these electricians must understand basic wiring techniques to troubleshoot and diagnose potential problems and install wiring that meets current building codes. Choosing to become an electrician is a great decision as it is a lucrative career with a bright future. Maintenance electricians, outside line workers, and industrial electricians are some of the highest-paid electricians today; however, their working conditions are not always ideal. There are many different specializations and types of electrical jobs that an electrician can choose after they have completed all of their learning requirements. At this stage, these people consider themselves apprentices to electricians and do not yet have any licenses that allow them to work on their own projects.

Same Day Pros can help you fill in the gaps and dive into the day-to-day technical world of an electrician. It is not uncommon for outside linemen to specialize as road system electricians; however, instead of simply repairing these lines when they're down, they provide services to the lines that help direct or affect traffic. They hire other electricians to perform work, which can be in residential environments, in commercial buildings, or in industrial plants. Electricians should also be able to pass a physical exam when they start working in a company to ensure that they are fit enough to meet the demands of the job. Official electricians won't be paid as much as master electricians, but specialized electricians have a unique skill that requires additional training. Often, electricians seeking to balance the level of risk with a stable salary work on commercial and residential projects on a contract basis or within a company where their responsibilities are limited to designing and monitoring electrical works rather than repairing and maintaining them themselves.

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