Can i be an electrician with a level 2?

Basically, a Level 2 electrician is an electrician who is more than qualified and authorized to install, repair and maintain the underground and aerial services that stretch between customers and the power grid. Level 2 accredited electricians can make improvements to the electrical supply, converting residential properties with a single-phase configuration to a three-phase renovation. A job like this involves changing the wiring system and requires specialized experience and tools. Energy upgrades can increase production and allow for higher levels of use. Level 2 accredited electricians can connect a customer's property to an electrical grid using overhead or underground lines.

Ordinary electricians will focus on repair and maintenance tasks in residential homes and workplaces. The important thing to consider when choosing an electrician is that accredited level 2 professionals have a higher level of training and can perform more advanced work. Level 2 accredited electricians can repair cable damage caused by high temperatures and extreme conditions. Ordinary electricians, also known as level 1 technicians, take care of basic electrical tasks and have less training compared to their level 2 counterparts.

They must have received specific training and be in possession of a license to perform Level 2 electrical repairs, maintenance and installations on a wide range of electrical components.

Level 2 electricians are capable of performing this type of work, and may also be asked to replace faulty electrical poles or cables.

But what if the task at hand goes beyond the basics and requires something more? That's when you'll need a Level 2 electrician in Sydney.

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