What Does it Mean to be a Level 2 Electrician in Queensland?

Electricians who are licensed and certified Level 2 have the qualifications to provide electrical services beyond basic electrical services. This includes metering, aerial and underground services not only inside the house, but also electrical services between the street and your property. Level 2 electricians have a higher rating than ordinary electricians, also known as Level 1 technicians. This means they have received specific training and are licensed to perform repairs, maintenance and Level 2 electrical installations on a variety of electrical components.

This includes overhead and underground electrical work that connects a customer's home or business to an electrical grid. Accredited Level 2 electricians can also connect a customer's property to an electrical grid using overhead or underground lines. They can repair cable damage caused by high temperatures and extreme conditions, as well as replace faulty electrical poles or cables. Level 2 electricians can also make energy improvements, taking residential properties with a single-phase configuration to a three-phase upgrade.

This is something that ordinary electricians cannot do. When choosing an electrician for any job, it is important to remember that accredited level 2 professionals have a higher level of training and can perform more advanced work than ordinary electricians.

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