How much is the highest paid electrician?

Superintendents have several supervisory functions, but they also plan and install electrical systems. They can manage new and existing buildings and work on commercial and residential projects. As a senior electrical estimator, your job is to manage an estimation department and provide offer proposals that are accurate enough to issue purchase orders. These estimates must take into account factors such as labor, materials, databases, and updates to produce the most accurate price possible. High-level electrical estimators often evaluate work sites, help prepare documents for projects, track market prices, and negotiate with architects to provide pre-tender services.

When they are not examining a construction site, high-level electrical estimators often spend time working in an office and talking to other senior employees. Sometimes, you may have to work overtime to meet deadlines for responding to offers. As a senior electrical designer, his job is to use electrical knowledge and design principles to develop the electrical blueprints for every project he undertakes. This includes determining what equipment can be used, ensuring that the final electrical plan meets the customer's needs and specifications, and verifying the condition of the construction on the ground to ensure that the plan represents the construction conditions as they were built.

High-level electrical designers frequently check supplier design drawings and other resources, provide on-site assistance during construction, ensure that plans meet all relevant installation codes, and interact with contractors and subcontractors. This job requires a moderate amount of travel and the ability to cooperate with a team.

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