Is electrician a good career for the future?

The future is also promising for electric field professionals for other reasons. As the energy industry is transformed thanks to new technologies and sustainable energy sources, some interesting career options could emerge for workers in the electricity sector. Because specialized careers have a high rate of job satisfaction, a career as an electrician is an excellent option for people who care about details, are active, and are looking for exciting opportunities. One of the main reasons why craft professionals who are engaged in specialized trades, such as electricians, have high job satisfaction is the opportunity to perform practical work.

The shortage of electrical workers has created a need for qualified electrical professionals, which could be a reason to consider training electricians. The BLS predicts that, on average, about 84,700 electrician jobs will open each year, due in part to the need to replace workers who have left the field, for example, to retire. Electricians may even have to adapt to changing industry needs, which could “greener” their skills and change their brand. The adoption of automated electronic processes and products in existing industries could require electricians to install, maintain and operate those functions.

If government policy supports alternative energy initiatives in the coming decades, electricians would be needed to install these new systems, as well as to connect them to existing power grids. Emerging fields in alternative energy generation, such as solar and wind, could be one reason why more electricians will be needed in the future. The Department of Homeland Security designates electricians as “essential workers” in the field of public works. Electricians also help ensure that businesses and factories, such as intensive care centers, utilities and municipal agencies, can continue to operate and provide services to the public.

The complex wiring, sockets, switches and circuit breakers that turn on lights, charge phones and even keep large factories running are the work of electricians. Along with exterminators, plumbers and HVAC technicians, electricians are essential to maintaining the safety, operation and sanitation of homes. In addition to this, there has been a negative social perception of the professions that has dissuaded many competent young people from following the career of electricians.

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